As cheesy as this sounds, I miss being someone’s someone. You know? I miss being the reason why someone wanted to lose sleep and I miss having someone to talk to. Being lonely sucks.
School starts in weeks

Summer is too short and so far I didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as other people did, I’m still pretty excited for school to start (which is really weird). Maybe because I’ll be seeing people I’m missing and haven’t got the chance to hang out with and school means…. money! I’ve been broke af this summer and it sucked, the chances of going out was 0 and I stayed home 98% of the time. Oh well, it’s no time for complaining now. But I’m still feeling kind of nervous, of course I won’t be in the same class with the people I was with last year and now that I’m a junior, things will be harder and I just wish I can handle everything. And I should really fix my stupid body clock since there are a few weeks left and I can’t be sleeping at like 9-11 in the morning like I always do this summer my life sucks bye