School starts in weeks

Summer is too short and so far I didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as other people did, I’m still pretty excited for school to start (which is really weird). Maybe because I’ll be seeing people I’m missing and haven’t got the chance to hang out with and school means…. money! I’ve been broke af this summer and it sucked, the chances of going out was 0 and I stayed home 98% of the time. Oh well, it’s no time for complaining now. But I’m still feeling kind of nervous, of course I won’t be in the same class with the people I was with last year and now that I’m a junior, things will be harder and I just wish I can handle everything. And I should really fix my stupid body clock since there are a few weeks left and I can’t be sleeping at like 9-11 in the morning like I always do this summer my life sucks bye


I’m still up, running my band blog ugh luv my life. I’m enjoying too much (except for the fact that I just reached my post limit today, *take note: I only made this blog few hours ago lol* and I probably will always since I’ll surely be spending the last several days of my summer in front of this screen, endlessly wishing I was Josh’s girlfriend???) and I don’t think I have much things to be interested in or be busy with, now that I’m contented and happily obsessing over bands ymas, the maine, mayday, atl, arttm etc and at the same time almost crying because they’re so beautiful and perfect okay. And I don’t think I’ll be updating this blog as much as I did before :—( But I guess I’ll be sticking to this blog every time I reach my post limit¬†lol although I don’t really enjoy this blog anymore sorry blog, I love you a little less than before

"Everything is going to be alright"

That phrase up there just doesn’t work for me anymore. How can I think of everything being alright if everything is just getting worse and worse everyday. It’s hard to be positive when nothing ever goes right. My family is falling apart and I can’t imagine anything worse than that.


So my friend, Bianca Manalese, just lost his boyfriend, Thomas Nguyen. He died in a car accident today at 4am. Please, take time to pray for him. It’s so sad to think that he’s only 16 years old. Let’s pray for him and his family.¬†

Meeting someone amazing and seeing everything they do completely beautiful, but realizing it’s quite impossible to ever see them again.

I’m over it. You, the things we said and did, all those wishful thinkings. Everything. Everything doesn’t matter anymore. It got to the point where I just got tired of caring and caring and not being cared about. It’s been hard for me the past few days (months, even) and I realized thinking about you is such a waste of my time. I got better things to do and crying about you is not on the list. Thanks for the memories. Never again.


I don’t really like it when you try to reach out, it gives me false hopes especially when you ask how I’m doing, it makes me think that you still care even though I know, sometimes I know you’re just doing it out of curiosity (or maybe you feel bad because you’re a shithead). I don’t know how you feel when you talk to me or if you feel scared just like I am, if you still feel the same way and stuff like that. You make everything look so easy. I’m not used to talking to you anymore because it’s different now, it’s not the same and it will never be. And as much as I want to ignore you, your texts and messages, I can’t, because it’s not that easy to refuse talking to you, I really want you but I don’t know if it’s still right, and I know I’ve said this all before, but sometimes I wish it wasn’t really over.