Still up us usual. Ugh and again, I reached my daily post limit on my other blog!! :( I hate this, I have so much to post. I won’t be able to use it until later and that sucks big time :—( Anyway, I got a lot of notes today! :”) I even got almost 300 in one post I made, not bad for a first timer. Nyaha. :D


Good night

I can’t believe my post reached more than a hundred notes, not bad for a first timer. Nyaha. Anyway, guys, if you like bands such YMAS, ATL, the Maine, etc follow! :)  I love my blog too much and I lost interest in this one so I might not be active. :—( kbye






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Got to talk to him again, the very last guy I ever liked. Nyaha. Liked, yes. He unexpectedly told me to call. I was expecting to feel a little uncomfortable or maybe still feel the need of him being there, but no, there’s no more feelings I guess. Well, I do still care, he probably does too, but not in a way which in we want to be together or something, but because of our friendship, maybe. I don’t really know lol all I know is right now, I don’t really like him or even anyone else. Maybe just an idea of someone, but nothing really serious. I’m just happy that were back to where we started, friends. I’m glad I still cross his mind cause at least, he still crosses mine.

School starts in weeks

Though I feel like summer is too short and I didn’t really get to enjoy it as much as other people did, I’m still pretty excited somehow. Maybe because I’ll be seeing people I’m missing and haven’t got the chance to hang out with and school means, money! Nyaha. I’m broke af this summer and it sucked, the chances of going out was 0 and I stayed at home almost the whole summer. Oh well, it’s no time for complaining now. But I’m still feeling kind of nervous, of course I won’t be in the same class with the people I was with last year and now that I’m a junior, things will be harder and I just wish I can handle everything. And I should really fix my stupid body clock since there are a few weeks left and I can’t be sleeping like 9-11 in the morning like I always do this summer and I’m thinking of taking sleeping pills lol seems like a joke but I’m serious, it’s just that I don’t know where do I get those. -____- Anyway, good luck to myself. Nyaha. :—)


I’m still up, running my band blog I just made. I’m enjoying too much (except for the fact that I just reached my post limit today, *take note: I only made this blog few hours ago lol* and I probably will always since I’ll surely be spending the last several days of my summer in front of this screen, endlessly fangirling) and I don’t think I have much things to be interested in or be busy with, now that I’m contented and happily obsessing over bands ymas, the maine, mayday, atl, arttm etc and at the same time almost crying because they’re so beautiful and perfect okay. And I don’t think I’ll be updating this blog as much as I did before :—( But I guess I’ll be sticking to this blog every time I reach my post limit lol although I don’t really enjoy this blog anymore sorry blog, I love you a little less than before. I might as well not run this, but nah, I want to keep myself busy and this is one way.

Nyaha anyway, if you like bands, check!! :) http://joshzillaneversleeps.tumblr.com 

Hi guys,

Follow my band blog!! :) http://joshzillaneversleeps.tumblr.com/  Consists of mostly You me at six, the Maine, Mayday Parade, All time low, A day to remember, A rocket to the moon, and random bands. :—-)

"Everything is going to be alright"

That phrase up there just not works for me anymore. How can I think of everything being alright if everything is just getting worse and worse everyday. It’s hard to be positive when nothing ever goes right. My family is falling apart and I can’t imagine anything worse than that.


I went to where I last saw someone who was once very special to me. I know there was a possibility that I would see him, but I didn’t really thought of that because I went there for my friends, not him. I remember how I used to go to places we used to go, hoping to see him again, but I never did. But unexpectedly, I saw him today. It really surprised me. I guess things happen when you least expect them. I didn’t feel good thinking that we were in one place, so I ended up going home earlier than planned. I complained how it ruined my day, how much I hate him, how much I wish I didn’t see him, and how I hate how he treated me so bad, but at the end of the day, even if I already have no more feelings for him, I realized how much I missed what we had.